About Larry Winters

At the age of 24, Larry Winters was a car wash manager struggling to survive. He decided to make a change for the better, so he seized control of his life and, day by day, built his own business. Along the way, he learned lessons of sacrifice, personal responsibility, determination, and independence.

Live the Dream: No More Excuses is his inspiring and compelling journey from a young man without any ambition, to a man in control of his financial destiny. He uses personal examples to teach readers how to gain financial freedom for themselves. Most importantly, he explains how self-limitation holds people back and keeps them from achieving the successful lives they desire.

This book provides an inspirational blueprint for readers to gain financial freedom, lose the excuses, and achieve their dreams while staying grounded in what matters most: family, friends, and faith.

"I know Larry's story personally. It is a thought-provoking one filled with the vision only a great servant leader can provide. It's both entertaining and inspiring, and a must-read for entrepreneurs with a dream.

- John C. Maxwell, Author and Leadership Expert